Several times a year I plan a night walk in Dordrecht.
The walk takes place in silence. On each occasion, six walkers can join the walk.
During each walk I make an audio recording.
The sound file will be available later on this website (Recordings, in the top-menu)
and will be a personal memory for each participant.

We meet up, somewhere in the center of the city.
The walk lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.
In case of bad weather, the walk will be postponed.

The next walk is scheduled for the Midwinter night:
Friday, December 22 2023, at 03:00 a.m..
Participation is free.

I join the walk!

What to be aware of as a participant:
-The walk takes place in silence, so there will be no talking.
-Your phone is turned off (completely).
-Put on ‘quiet’ clothes and ‘quiet’ shoes, so no rustling plastic jackets and squeaky soles.
-Make sure you have nothing in your pockets that makes noise (keys).

It is the most beautiful experience when everyone is part of the group in concentration,
so don’t get distracted but keep your attention on the walk.