I use a wide variety of media: photography, video, sound, texts. In my search for the most convincing experience of reality possible, sound has become an increasingly important medium for me in recent years.

Central to almost everything I do is the personal experience. The event is the most important, the starting point.
I do not strive for beauty in itself, but I strive above all to evoke a sense of memory. I look for an image that refers to a lived process, for example a walk, a meeting, a special event.
Such an event acquires even more significance if you have experienced it together with others, like the Soundwalks elsewhere on this site.

Sound as a medium has its own quality. With a photo or a video you mainly look at what someone else has experienced. You may be able to empathize with that, but that’s as far as you go.
 You always remain an observer, an outsider.
With sound, especially if you use headphones, you are in the middle of the event. You become part of it, you physically enter the memory.

A small selection of sound works:

Boucle (2024)
Sleeps (2022)
To Hiroomi (2022)
Sunday (2022)
Merging Spaces (2022)
3 Nocturnal Walks (2020)
Silences (2020)
Level (2020)
Blend (2019)

For an overview of my work: